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When was DIGAH established?1

Guangzhou House Empery Co.,Ltd has been founded for many years. We have rich experience in the production and sales of aluminium entrance doors . In fact, we have gone through many difficulties since inception. We have spent years developing our own brand and constructing our own sales channels. All this contributes to the current growing business. We are now well recognized by clients worldwide. We will continue expanding the export business.

When was DIGAH established?1 1

DIGAH has a rich experience in aluminium door production, which has long-term relationships with other companies. The wooden wardrobe series is one of the main products of DIGAH. An incandescent light requires much more energy to properly heat the filament in order to generate light. The light produced by this product is a cool light that generates little heat, which is high efficiency. Perfectly suit your style and your home! The product can make the production process flow more efficient. It greatly contributes to a reduction in the production schedule and costs. DIGAH: Enjoy spending time at home.

our company is very professional and loyal to the vision of exceeding customers. Contact us!

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