Twitter Came After Him for His Skincare Video. What Came next Is Beautiful.

One writer speaks with Curtis Brooks-a 25-year-old bartender who's a facial video on Twitter went viral. His mentions began to fill with homophobic and other derogatory terms, simply for going to get a facial. He states how he took up space on Twitter and battled with trolls with love not hate. Curtis Brooks was attacked on Twitter for his skincare. This happened next.Certainly, not target of hate. But on that morning, he found himself the subject of tweets like, "but fellas, is this…

Twitter Came After Him for His Skincare Video. What Came next Is Beautiful. 1


Why did Apollo 13 consume precious power to be able to take video and photographs?

Portable video cameras did not really exist in the Apollo program era. The astronauts used modified Hasselblad film camera [s?] and 16mm movie cameras. Neither used precious power resources

i want to watch a youtube video but it doesnt work??

Twitter Came After Him for His Skincare Video. What Came next Is Beautiful. 2

It depends on what type of browser you use. Please for more reliability use Mozilla firefox. Download it from and please install required plugins before using. Happy video watching!!!.

How can I make video call on 2 laptops without internet, connected on same wifi?

You need to search for such softwares which allows video calling on network… Simple…

Is the 2 Girls 1 Cup video bad?

The video is horrific, physically made me sick good laughs and banter with mates though, show it to someone unexpected just be ready with a bucket :)

Is it possible to put up a video as my desktop wallpaper?

no, it is not possible to put the videos as the wallpapers in windows xp, may be in new versions such as vista you can try

How to record a video using Windows Movie Maker?

if you downloaded moviemaker 2.6 it is not the original... windows movie maker on winXP has capture from video device... I ran movie maker 2.6 on my win& and then pasted old XP movie maker files over the new ones

Can I manually insert videos in pc video games? If yes then how?

Sorry I was just messing around but I guess yah now that I know the answer

Is 10 hours of video games too much?

Dude with your parents making you not play the rest of the week thats fine especially if you have good grades and are healthy I know people who play probably 72 plus hours a week my parents let me play video games whenever I wanted when I was growing up and im fine Im healthy I have good grades people that wanna sit there and tell you its bad for you are full of crap theres nothing wrong with it have fun and game on man

I'm looking to film high quality music videos for as cheap as possible. What kind of video camera would work?

Any Mini DV or Digital 8 will do the job Are you talking LIVE or playback For playback anything will work, but you must use the original playback CD as your file for editing. For LIVE You need to really get a mix from the board or put a Mic near the PA, that means you need an external mic Samsung makes one for about $260 that takes an external mic a 263 or 163

When will Evanescence release a new music video?

They've already made and released a video for “What You Want“ Go to their official website or youtube to view it

I want to download a song from youtube, NOT a video, is there something that records sound I can download?

You can go to, go to download videos and select a sound format. Enter your email address and they should send it to you when the conversion is done

Should I quit playing video games(Expanded)?

Well, if you really want to take your teacher's advice, you do not have to quit video-games forever. Simply limit yourself to them more, and focus more on real life situations. Still, do not take everything everyone says too seriously. For some people, you just have to let their opinions go in one ear and out the other. Best wishes xx

Is it better to add a second video card in Crossfire or replace an aging video card?

First of all it depends on your budget. :) You could use Crossfire only if you want to upgrade your performance (by 1.5x to 2x). However, if you want to support 3 or more displays properly, you need at least the Radeon 5xxx series.There are several Radeon 5xxx or 6xxx which not only give you significantly better performance, but also as many as 6 display outputs without having to go Crossfire. That said, the upgraded single approach would be my recommendation because:Update Additional note on performance:Having had some additional experience with Crossfire and SLI since this post, I should also point out that both will (a) increase your CPU usage, and (b) do not always work properly - or even at all - in many games / apps.The CPU usage is an issue particularly with Crossfire I found, where it increases nearly 30% or more even on a Quad core machine

I want to convert my scrapblog into a youtube video, how do I do it?

Hi, could you please determine out this <YouTube Video converter>? Free for down load.. It can convert youtube movies to any videoaudio structure you prefer I am definite this <YouTube Video converter> could be your quality option which I ordinarily adv

Why are parents more concerned about violent video games more than anything else?

I hate the way that adults try and baby children. Yes - I would never let my 10 yr old watch an 18 rated movie and I was never allowed to as a young child either, however violent video games ARE the norm nowadays, even if you do not like it. We live in violent times so why not prepare children for what the big bad world is like outside of the safe sanctuary he calls his home. By all means restrict his time on his consoles but you cannot prevent him from watching or hearing about violence. Its everywhere - on the news - on the computer - in his games - in newspapers and magazines - on the radio - his friends at school will tell him!

Can an affilitate of a website put a video from the website on youtube and run their own banner across it?

I in particular use(cautioned) youtube downloader or Avant browser(has build-in video downloader) you additionally can use here procedures: a million Firefox browser, use the downloader helper upload-on 2 chrome browser, use youtube downloader 3 cyber web get carry of supervisor 4 genuine participant

Is there a software to edit video with rotate scree option?

VLC also has a 'rotate' filter so you can view the file as intended, and it can also be used to save the video again

Do video games promote criminal trends?

Among mentally healthy people? No.But people who struggle with mental illness, neurological disorders, and/or are very young might develop behavioral issues.With young people, parental guidance is, of course, always recommended. Young people are still learning, and they might easily see some imagery that is perhaps too mature for them to deal with on their own. This where parents come in and tell their child what is wrong about the actions portrayed, and WHY those actions are wrong. In this way, such things become learning opportunities for the young person, and they may be better people because of it. That's parenting for ya.With mentally I will people, it's a lot trickier because they are often often old enough to make their own decisions, at least I ctge eyes of the law, so limiting their exposure to graphic violence and objectionable content is a lot harder. In saying that, these people should at the very least have their behaviour and activities monitored by a qualified health professional so that at-risk people may be isolated from any potential triggers. In this way, those people stand a better chance of functioning as people within society, and there are plenty of games they can play that do not portray illegal or immoral behaviour, and would thus be a better fit for them anyway.It's about being sensible, doing your research into the game(s) and being involved in young peoples' lives. It's about balancing the safety of wider society with the needs and rights of an individual. This is, of course, tricky. It's complex, it's a nasty issue, and the potential for a dangerous or detrimental precedent to be set is very thing. Decision makers need to treat this issue with care, or it will become a legal shitstorm. Do video games promote criminal trends?.

What is the point of a video call interview as opposed to a telephone interview? [closed]

Video calls give them a better look at you in a number of different ways. The audio quality is clearer than phones provide. They can check that you are able to dress properly and groom yourself. They can see your body language, and you can see theirs.On the whole, video calls provide a much better experience and clearer communication between both parties. If both parties have computers with webcams and microphones, why would not they want to use them for something as important as a job interview?.

Recommend a video converter that is fast?

The time involved is also highly dependent on your computer more than anything. Faster CPU, a solid state drive, and plenty of RAM can make rendering a lot faster. Also a good video card with software designed to use it also speeds it up.

Does anyone know of a free video downloader/converter?

convert my tube, i do not know if it's any good.. my friend always tells me to use it, but i just buy the videos.

Is playing video games good for a kid's mental development?

Yes, it's been proved through and through that video games have several positive effects. And by proved I mean by actual science, not by people shooting actual opinions.A small take on it: The Association Between Video Gaming and Psychological Functioning.

new tv, having a few small problems with video games. want to know if it is a problem caused by the tv.?

If your tv is 60hz you may get some lag. The 120hz or higher mitigate the lag. Do some searches about your exact model video games and you will get more information

Concat 2 video and add watermark first video ffmpeg

Concatenate can be found from this linkIn case of using same codecAdd watermark at (x=1, y=1) coordinatedI do not quite understand your description, but i think it fits your title

Where do I find free downloadable horse video's from?

youtube/ Barrel racing video type in jessica gatess ;]

How to use Classic Canon 6D to shoot video?

The 6D, as well as most DSLRs, do not support continuous AF while shooting a video. So you will have to focus manually

flowplayer - stream from file://fodler/video.flv possible?

Flash video has problems playing from some local URLs in Windows, but it mainly has to do with network shares. The workaround is to map the share to a drive letter.You may also be having problems with local file access versus network resource access. Google "flash player security restrictions" for an overview. With the Flowplayer SWF, you are likely out of luck for working around this w/o getting users to change security settings.The best option is to use a local web server. With this you may even be able to get Drupal running off of your memory stick. There are several options, but I have had good luck with Server2Go. I have never used it with Drupal, though.

What was your first video game, and how did you fare at it?

My first ever Video Game was, (not entirely sure)The main premise of the game was that, you are a commander of your group consisting of 3 men and you are fighting in the Somalia Civil War. It was cited to have amazing graphics and semi decent gameplay,And I was terrible at it. I think I had played it when I was 4 or 5 years old. I honestly didnt have a clue on what to do.My aim sucked, so I never landed a shot. I kept running away on the sigh of an enemy, because I would keep dying in combat.I dont remember if it even had a story. Since back then I would skip every cutscene. Which was a terrible idea because it made it even less immersive for me.Overall I came to hate the game years after, even though it had garnered positive reviews.What was your first video game, and how did you fare at it?.

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Video File to .ogg
Video File to .ogg
Have you tried ogmtools?According to MkVToolNix is:"MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM format and then some. "And bunkus. org for Ogmtools says:These tools allow information about (ogminfo) or extraction from (ogmdemux) or creation of (ogmmerge) OGG media streams. Note that I will use OGM for "OGG media streams".One tool into the Omgtools is ogmmerge (Merge multimedia streams into an OGG/OGM file)If you want to install omgtools in ubuntu just type:More information about OGG in Wikipedia and xiph. org. Hope this will be helpful. Regards.1. Video Game Poll !!!!!!!?Modern Warfare 2. really, i dont know the other games.2. background music for hunting video?Cavatina written by Stanley Myers. Better known as the theme to "The Deerhunter"3. What kind of digital camera is best?????Like other people said, it depends on what you are doing with it. My priority is shots in low light, so I've been happy with my Fujifilm Finepix F10. If I were going to do time lapse, I would get the Pentax Optio W10. If I wanted to shoot video, I would probably get the Canon Power TX1 because it records video at 1280x720. Those are just the compact cameras. If you want a bigger camera, someone else will have to recommend one4. Is there a video converter that doesn't ruin audio/video quality?In WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe , if u do want to get high audio and video quality, u can adjust the parameter in audio/video setting5. Is this a good video editing PC?is this a good video editing pc well yes and is it a good deal well yes. You could try to find others but this is one you should consider6. quick question about quilting?Not sure what you mean by where to cut the back- top side of a quilt- are the pieces or squares you have sewn together middle of quilt- is the batting bottom of the quilt- is one large piece of fabric. If the fabric you have is at least 45 inches wide, you should be able to cut on solid square of 43x43 for the back of your quilt. If your fabric is not 45" wide you are going to have to use two pieces of the same fabric is make the back of your quilt. Layer the 3 layers. tack, or hand base the 3 layers together and and then add you binding. Yes machine sew the binding to the quilt on the top side, fold around to the back and hand stitch down. There is a method of "sewing in the ditch" where you fold the binding around and machine sew it down in the exact same spot you sewed it on the top- a little tricky to do for a beginner. go to web site and scroll down to video on sewing in the ditch.7. What is this music video?I think you are talking about the new single with Kelly Rowland featuring Eve because in the video she's getting dressed for a party in her room...and yeah, she's not wearing alot. Its called "Like this"8. Video clip classificationCNNs are translation invariant.You are over complicating the problem. The easiest thing you can do is define a region of interest (ROI) of the hood. In the first case where the car is moving and the reflections are dynamic. In the second case they are static. Just do frame-to-frame image subtraction of the hood. If the vehicle is moving you will have lots of 'edge energy'. If it is not moving it will be just noise. You can apply the same method to the whole image too. In the static case the image subtraction method may become messy as the clouds are moving along with vehicles and pedestrians. For this case use the image subtractions as input to your method.Another approach is to run an image stabilization algorithm. OpenCV has one. Look at the transformation outputs (translation, rotation, scale, rigid, similarity, affine, etc.). If you can not make a simple filter on them to determine the two cases, train a classifier
Paris Terror Suspect Tells Court: 'i Am Not Afraid of You'
Paris Terror Suspect Tells Court: 'i Am Not Afraid of You'
The last surviving suspect of the Paris terror attacks has told a court he is "not afraid" as he refused to speak at the first day of his trial.Saleh Abdeslam is accused of driving three of the suicide bombers to the Stade de France as part of the November 2015 attacks, and is understood to have intended to carry out an attack himself before changing his mind.He is standing trial in Brussels' Palais de Justice charged with attempted murder in a terrorist context following a shootout with police that led to his capture four months later in March 2016.He fled the gun battle, and a man who covered for his getaway was killed with a spray of automatic gunfire. Abdeslam's escape was short-lived as he was captured days later in the neighbourhood where he grew up.In court, he refused to confirm his name, to stand, or to answer questions.He said: "Judge me, do what you want with me, it's in my Lord that I place my trust."I am not afraid of you, I am not afraid of your allies. I put my trust in Allah and that's all, I have nothing else to add."He has also told the court: "My silence does not make me a criminal, it's my defence."Muslims are judged and treated in the worst of ways, mercilessly. There is no presumption of innocence."I declare that there is no god but Allah, Mohammed is his his servant and his messenger."When he was asked why he declined to stand, the bearded defendant said: "I'm tired, I did not sleep."After he refused to answer questions, the judge suspended proceedings to allow him to speak with his lawyer, Sven Mary.Abdeslam stands trial alongside Sofiane Ayari in relation to the shootout. They face 40 years in prison if convicted.Abdeslam has refused to answer questions from investigators since his capture in 2016. He has spent 20 months in isolation with 24-hour video surveillance since he was transferred to the French prison.He has insisted on being at the trial, despite his refusal to answer questions, and will be brought in from France each day over the four days his trial is expected to last.Abdeslam's trial is a prelude to one in France expected to take place next year, where prosecutors hope to find out more about the attacks which killed 162 people in Paris and in Brussels.Ayari also spoke during the proceedings, saying he did not participate in IS attacks in Europe.He said: "I had no other choice. I could not return to Tunisia where I risked prison."It's not for me to say if these actions are legitimate or illegitimate, it's for those who committed these acts."I have nothing more to add."Guillame Denoix de Saint Marc, a member of the victims' association V-Europe, said: "We want to see what elements will be provided in order to have a better understanding of this series of events and terror attacks, in France and in Belgium."This trial is one of the pieces of a global puzzle which will answer some of our questions. But at the same time, we expect to be very disappointed and to learn nothing."
Knowledge About Golf Video Games
Knowledge About Golf Video Games
1. Gale (surname) of golf video gamesGale is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:Andrew Gale (born 1983), British cricketerAnthony Gale (died 1843), fourth commandant of the United States Marine CorpsBob Gale (born 1951), motion picture screenwriterBob Gale (cricketer) (19332018), English cricketerBrendon Gale (born 1968), Australian rules footballerColin Gale (19322008), Welsh footballerDavid Gale (19212008), mathematicianDavid Gale (actor) (19361991), British actorEddie Gale (19412020), American trumpeterEddra Gale (19212001), American actress and singerEric Gale (19381994), American jazz and session guitaristErnest Gale (19142005), British microbiologistFay Gale (19322008), Australian cultural geographer and professorFrederick Gale (18231904), English cricket writer and cricketerGeorge Gale (disambiguation)Gladys Gale (18911948), American nightclub singer, vaudeville performer, and character actressGrant O. Gale (19031998), physics professorHannah Gale (18761970), Canadian politicianHenry Gale (astrophysicist) (18741942), American astrophysicist and authorHenry Gale (British Army officer) (18831944), British Army officerHumfrey Gale (18901971), British Army lieutenant generalIain Gale (born 1959), British authorJennifer Gale (19602008), American transgender perennial political candidate in TexasJohn Gale (disambiguation)Joseph Gale (18071881), American pioneerJoseph H. Gale (born 1953), American judgeKate Gale (born 1965), American poet, librettist, and independent publisherKelly Gale (born 1995), Australian Swedish Indian modelLauren Gale (19171996), American basketball playerLevin Gale (17841834), American politicianLorena Gale (19582009), Canadian actressMariah Gale (born 1980), British-Australian actressMaura Gale, American voice actressMegan Gale (born 1975), Australian modelMelvyn Gale (born 1952), cellist for the Electric Light OrchestraMichael Gale (born 1966), former Australian rules football playerMichael Gale (businessperson) (born 1962), Australian-American businessperson, son of Fay GaleMichael Denis Gale (19432009), British plant geneticistMitchell Gale (born 1990), American football playerNathan Gale (19792004), murdererNorman Gale (18621942), poetParnell Gale (died 1818), Mayor of Galway in 1817Patrick Gale (born 1962), British authorPhilip Gale, computer prodigyRichard Gale (disambiguation)Robert Gale (disambiguation)Roger Gale (born 1943), English politicianShaun Gale (born 1969), English former footballerShirley Gale (19152008), American botanist, botanical illustrator, and conservationistTerry Gale (born 1946), Australian golferTheophilus Gale (16281678), English theologianThomas Gale (c. 16301702), English classical scholarTommy Gale (racing driver), former NASCAR Cup Series driverTony Gale (born 1959), English football player and coachTristan Gale (born 1980), American athleteVi Gale (19172007), Swedish-born American poet and publisherWalter Frederick Gale (18651945), Australian banker and astronomerWilliam Gale (disambiguation)Zona Gale (18741938), American writer------2. Later StarCraft career of golf video gamesJi-hun did not win any major tournaments from 2005 until 2009, although managed to make it into the semifinals of a tournament once in 2007. In February 2009 he started to serve his mandatory two year service for the Republic of Korea Air Force. In doing so he joined the professional StarCraft team Airforce ACE. In June 2009 he said that he had not played for 300 days, but played again in order to fulfill his service, and said that he will use his mentality to get back to playing the game. In 2010 he was asked to go to Korean Air's main hangar to watch the OSL, along with all of the other past winners, and accepted. In June 2010 he was ranked 103 with 71.4 points in KeSPA rankings..------3. Filmography of golf video gamesFilmGangs of New York (2002)Hooligans (2005) MitchThe Tiger and the Snow (2005) Soldato AmericanoAmbition (2005)Incubus (2006) Orin Kiefer (voice) (uncredited)Hero of the Rails (2009) Thomas and Percy (US voice)Leap Year (2010)Misty Island Rescue (2010) Thomas and Percy (US voice)Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Brandt's AideDay of the Diesels (2011) Thomas and Percy (US voice)Blue Mountain Mystery (2012) Thomas and Percy (US voice)King of the Railway (2013) Thomas, Percy and Diesel (US voice)Tale of the Brave (2014) Thomas and Percy (US voice)TelevisionOrsum Island (2008) Kodi (voice)Thomas & Friends (200915) Thomas, Percy and Diesel (US voice)SkaterBots - (2011-2016) Rodney Hawkins (voice)Doctor Who (2015) Hell Bent - ManVideo gamesSimon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe (1995)TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (2005)Juiced (2005)Sniper Elite (2005)So Blonde (2008)Deponia (2012)The Crew (2014)Jerry McPartlin: Rebel with a Cause (2015)Randal's Monday (2015)Homefront: The Revolution (2016)Star Ocean: Anamnesis (2016)Other workDay Out with Thomas (20142015) - Thomas and Percy (voice, pre-record dialogue)------4. Film and television of golf video gamesMister X (1958 film), a 1958 Soviet musical film directed by Yuli KhmelnitskyMister X (1967 film), a 1967 Italian superhero film directed by Piero Vivarelli also known as Avenger XMr. X (1987 film), a 1987 Bollywood sci-fi film starring Amol Palekar directed by Khwaja Ahmad AbbasMr. X (2015 film), a 2015 Bollywood sci-fi film starring Emraan HashmiMr. X, a recurring puppet on The Canadian Howdy Doody ShowMr. X, a recurring arch-criminal of comic Arabic films played by Fouad el-MohandesMr. X, in the animated series The X'sMr. X, a villain in the anime series Lupin III.Mr. X (Simpsons), Homer's pseudonym in the Simpsons episode "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes"X (The X-Files), a character in the television series The X-FilesThe Amazing Mr. X, a.k.a. The Spiritualist, a 1948 thriller filmMr. X, an assassin in the 2008 film Wanted, played by David O'HaraMr. X, another name for the Observer 'September' in the television series FringeRefers to another character who appears in the Season 3 episode "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" from FringeMr. X, the pseudonym for Goofy in the animated short AquamaniaTwo characters in various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series associated with Mondo GeckoA crime boss/terrorist in the 1987 animated seriesAn alias for the character Xever Montes/Fishface in the 2012 animated seriesThe placeholder name the farmer is given when he gets amnesia in the Shaun the Sheep Movie------5. Nicky Robinson (game programmer) of golf video gamesNicky Robinson is an American computer game programmer and software developer. Her career spanned over thirty years, extending back to titles such as Star Control and Mail Order Monsters, which she worked on with Evan Robinson and game designer Paul Reiche III. Robinson later worked at 3DO as a game programmer and on the Android software as a release manager on the Skype team at Microsoft.Robinson is credited as helping start the Game Developers Conference as an offshoot of the Journal of Computer Game Design. She later served in the board of the conference at the invitation of Chris Crawford.Robinson's work has been published by Electronic Arts, Activision, Accolade, 3DO and Atari.Robinson had been active in the organization and leadership of Women in Games International, a group dedicated to involving more women in professional game development and to advancing their careers.------6. Teams of golf video gamesThe Columbus Blue Steel won the Bronx Championships on November 3, 2006. In 2006, Blue Steel had two All-City Players, a Linebacker and a Defensive End. The Columbus Explorers Varsity Tennis Team has acclaimed more importance in the last few years reaching the playoff 3 out of 4 years while The Girls' A-Division Varsity team reached the finals in the School year of 05'-06'. Also the track team won second place in 2007 in cross country, and that same year they won the Bronx indoor championship beating Clinton.The boys' lacrosse team in 2010 won the PSAL championship, the first PSAL title Columbus had won. The boy's lacrosse team has also gone to back to back championship games in 20182019.Most recently, the 2019 Varsity Softball team finished the season a perfect 19-0 and won the PSAL City Championship. Coached by Johan Lang, it was the first PSAL championship for girls sports in Columbus' 81 year history. They are the only team in school history to have a perfect season (including playoffs). The team broke school records for most runs scored in a season, least runs given up, and biggest run differential in a season.In men's Bowling, Columbus won the division championship 3 years in a row 95-97 and again in 2018 breaking a 22 year drought.The girls' volleyball team was dominant in their division in the late 80s, early 90s under the coaching of Annette Leder.Other Columbus teams include:Girls' Teams: Soccer, Soft Ball, Basketball, Tennis, Track, Cheerleading, Step, Bowling, Gymnastics, Golf, Flag Football, VolleyballBoys' Teams: Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Track, Bowling, Golf, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Lacrosse, VolleyballThe soccer team also has been successful in winning divisions in 2008 and 2009 and is in the process of producing young players such as Martin Dadaj, Armand Dadaj, Alhousein Bah, Mamoudou Diallo, Malal Diallo, Mamadou Barry, Endri Berisha, Frank Osei and Michael Asante.------7. Norby Williamson of golf video gamesNorby Williamson (born c. 1963) is an American executive and television producer. He is the Executive Senior Vice President of Studio and Event Production for ESPN. Since October 2005, Williamson has overseen all studio shows as well as all live sporting events on ESPN networks.Williamson was born in central Connecticut in the early 1960s. He graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a bachelor's degree in corporate and video communications. He began his career in the ESPN mailroom in the 1980s. He was the first producer for SportsCenter.In 2006, Williamson placed #67 on The Sporting News Power 100.In September 2017, Williamson became ESPN's executive vice president of studio production. He was formerly critical of Stuart Scott's "Boo-Yah!" catchphrase and once told Bob Ley that his beard looked stupid.In 2020 it was announced that he reduced The Dan LeBatard show with Stugotz from 3 to 2 hours.------8. University Stadium (Thiruvananthapuram) of golf video gamesUniversity Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and is used for predominantly football and also for athletics. University stadium had hosted the first one-day international cricket match in kerala.The stadium is owned by the University of Kerala and was opened by Sir Mirza the Diwan of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad in 1940. The stadium has a capacity of 20,000. The G. V. Raja Pavilion is in the stadium. The stadium was used as the home ground for the Indian domestic cricket team Kerala till the late 1980s. The stadium has hosted 2 ODI matches with the host team India losing one match and the other match yielded no result.The stadium was the home ground of Chirag United Club, for the 2011-2012 I-League season.------9. Early StarCraft career of golf video gamesSeo Ji-hun uses the Terran race. He first played StarCraft on a professional level during the 2001 Summer OSL Qualifiers. Later, in 2003 he was able to win the 2003 Olympus Ongamenet Starleague. At this time he was on CJ Entus. In September of the same year, Ji-hun was able to come in third in the Korean Qualifiers. In October he won the 2004 World Cyber Games Grand Final. He was also able to place third in the You Are the Golf King MBCGame StarLeague. In the 2005 EVER OnGameNet StarLeague he was seen as a veteran who had the potential to win the title, but came in third place. In 2005 he came in first place in the World Cyber Games Progamer selection for StarCraft, but did not place in the main event. During this time period, he was given the nickname Perfect Terran.------10. Sen g Ceallachin of golf video gamesSen g Ceallachin (12 May 1923 17 February 2013) was a journalist, author and broadcaster and former Gaelic footballer and hurler with Dublin and Eoghan Ruadh.He was born in Newcastlewest, County Limerick, and grew up in Fairview, County Dublin where he attended a Gaelscoil (Irish-medium school). He twice won the Feis Ceoil competition for his singing talents in the Irish language. He married Anna McDonagh in 1954. They had three children. Finn, Caitrona, and Sinad. He lived most of his married life in Raheny, Dublin.He represented Dublin from 1943 to 1953 in hurling and played in the All-Ireland Final of 1948 scoring a goal and also played in the 1946 National League Final.Sen had a Sunday night radio programme on Raidi Teilifs ireann (RT) entitled Gaelic Sports Results, which was the longest running continuously broadcast radio feature in the world. He took over the show in place of his father in 1953 and retired after the broadcast of 8 May 2011, fifty-eight years later. The Gaelic Sports Results programme had a worldwide audience amongst the Irish diaspora through satellite and web broadcasting. He began his media career with The Evening Press and continued until its closure in 1995. Sen g died on Sunday 17 February 2013 aged 89.
Motherboards and Video Cards for Gaming?
Motherboards and Video Cards for Gaming?
You should try tigerdiect .It has everything for computers1. how to record xbox360 gameplay?his is my way of doing it and it works on a standard TV or HD TV. Xbox 360: The xbox360 are pretty cool because they offer a HDMI output and a set of cables for composite output. This means you can use HDMI and composite at the same time. You can leave the HDMI connected to your TV. Because Xbox and Playstation HD is a bit cleaner than the HD PVR Gameplay HD for some reason. Probably because the Tristar MX HD PVR upscales composite video to HD video and the Xbox and Playstation have a direct HDMI feed line for HD. Any ways, you can use them at the same time. 1. Connect the composite connectors to your PS3 2. Connect the red, yellow, white wire to AV In on the rear of the Tristar HD PVR Recorder. 3. Press the power button on the HD PVR remote control or on the top panel of the HD PVR. 4. Press input from the main screen of the Tristar MX HD PVR. Now you should see your playsttion ps3 on your High definition TV. Well depending on how you have it hook up. You can toggle in between HDMI and AV1 or AV2 (or where ever you connected the HD PVR to see the video game). I generally just leave the TV on HDMI and press record and stop when I need to and when I want to edit or view games I have recorded then I switch to AV1. 5. Press record on the Tristar MX HD PVR 6. Press stop when done 7. Thats it. tristar mx hd pvr maybe the cheapest price, but decent way to start recording respectable gameplay. I would strongly recommend that you go to newelectronx and look at Tristar MX HD PVR gameplay recorder. It does anything that the Hauppauge version, plus it gives you the ability to record directly to micro sd card, usb card, usb thumb / jump drives, add an internal 1TB hard drive, also add any size external hard drive, has network connection, has usb to connect to PC, MAC, or laptop, gives you the ability to rename or delete vids without a computer, and more.. I did some research on the company newelectronx and you should too before you consider purchasing from any company (for that matter). I have found that they are approved to receive PayPal, Moneybookers, and Google checkout and they have been recognized as an online merchant for almost 10 years; besides your money is always protected with PayPal, Google, or Moneybookers. I had to make sure they were legit before i spent my money there. Did not want to be scammed; and i was not, so that is why i am recommending them to you. So in essence check out Hauppauge and Tristar MX HD PVR. I have used them both and recommend them both. Game on!2. Video Card slot question?Would need to know what model motherboard you have. Some PCIe slots are rated differently (i.e. 16x, 8x, 1x speed), so if you are buying a high end card, you may have performance degredation or it may not work at all, but depending on the motherboard, it may not have any effect. Without knowing what kind of motherboard you have, it's hard to help you3. Best digital camera for HD pictures and HD videos?it is nearly impossible to take an hour long clip because the sensors will heat up and the camera will shut down before any damage can be done. Also, many cameras cap a video at 30 minutes or less. second, there is no such thing as an HD picture. Full HD video is only 2 megapixels for $550, the only DSLR camera open to you with video is the canon T3 (maximum of 720p video). If you up your budget to $600, the Nikon D3100 (max, 1080p, full HD video), if you go up to $650, the Canon T1i opens up (also full HD, 1080p)4. video editing help edit the size shape and position of a video clip?for simple video editing you can use windows movie maker built in win XP. For advanced editing you need to buy a good piece of software, i suggest cyberlink powerdirector it is easy to use and can do the job for you plus it is free one month trial. good luck
How Long Does It Take a 2GB Eclipse MP3 Player to Charge?
How Long Does It Take a 2GB Eclipse MP3 Player to Charge?
We need to know the MODEL of the player (2GB is not enough), because the more "complex" the player type is- the more enrgy it takes: The most energy consuming will be a touch screen mp4, second to it will be a NON touch screen mp4, and the most low energy user will be the simplest mp3 player (only music). An hour and a half of video for a generic touch screen mp4 sound about right (are you asking about video? if you are asking about music playing- according to their website it should be 8 hours, might be a bit less). P.S- you can leave it a while longer charging- today's electronics can handle it (just to be sure it is fully charged). If it is a touch screen - it needs more, 1 hour sound less then it should. And make sure the usb cable (wall chrger) are working fine.1. Why do TV news cameras people carry around gigantic shoulder mounted cameras when there are so many smaller options?Smaller options for what? There are several factors involved. One is durability, rugged construction, They have to have the potential to function around the clock in all kinds of weather. The most critical factor is the quality of the images. Modern video cameras (not a video camera stuck in a phone or still camera) has to produce the best possible image. This translates into large sensors with the ability to shoot in raw format. The nearest equivalent still camera that comes to mind is a Hasselblad with a 2 1/4 inch sensor and is large even without the additional components needed for video. The images shot for the news must produce images that show well on large high resolution screens. Picture quality has a high impact on viewer loyalty. Then there is also the audio to consider which has to be part of the package. If a smaller cheaper camera would work, it would be used. There are no smaller cameras of equal functionality available2. X server, keyboard & mouse lockup with corrupted displayBy the way: alt-sysrq-[rk] wo not help here - it actually kills all the programs itself and putting you in that console scenario. However, that is not the problem. In a nutshell, it's nouveau.From what you are saying, the X server is still functioning but the graphics "connection" appear to be cut off from your display.Since a nouveau driver is for NVIDIA cards, java, firefox and your other programs are trying to utilize the card thinking it's available. This is called video (aka. hardware) acceleration. The screen "lockup" is not from the X server then, it's from the lack of hardware capabilities in nouveau for your card (3D rendering, video decoding, etc.), so when a program attempts to use one of them, it crashes nouveau.Consider the GPU code names and video engines for NVIDIA cards. Assuming you have a GeForce 6/7 series card, it ends up in the NV40 (Curie) family, which in turn use VPE1, VPE2 and VP1 video engines, none of which supports video (hardware) acceleration (except for XvMC from VPE2). That is what is making your X server "fail". (Be warned, the proprietary NVIDIA driver will not help in this case because of the missing capabilities. )The solution is to disable hardware acceleration entirely, and just stick to software rendering until you get a supported card. In java 8, you can do this: java -Dprism.order=sw -jar my.jar, works fine on my system. And firefox has an option in its advanced preferences to enable hardware acceleration (if it's available, which mistakenly is but I do not know why), make sure that's unchecked. Update: nouveau was never good at utilizing NVIDIA hardware in the first place, so if you are using one and your distro (e.g. RHEL 7) makes it difficult to get proprietary drivers I recommend you replace the card with a Radeon/Intel whose open-source drivers are better supported3. Playing Video on TV from Ipod?definitely the cable you are using will not play video to your tv from your 160gb ipod. the new 160gb ipod classic does not support the old audio-video cable from the old ipod video. you need to purchase the new pin-type audio-video component/composite cable (not the headphone jack audio-video cable).
I'm Searching About SLR Camera with Price of 350 $ at Maximum?
I'm Searching About SLR Camera with Price of 350 $ at Maximum?
Assuming you mean Digital SLR, BrianR is correct. You wo not get a new one at that price. You could consider picking up a second hand DSLR. You might be able to pick up a second hand Nikon D60 for about $350. That's a perfectly reasonable 10MP starter DSLR, but you wo not get video or live-view1. Tips for buying a audio system?confident your chum is optimal. you will in common terms % one million cable. A gold plated HDMI cable. HDMI takes the two Audio and Video mutually. Gold plated HDMI cables lead them to oxygen unfastened and that i think of it makes it a sprint cleanser. those are not high priced and could fee a sprint you approximately $9.ninety 9 or 17.ninety 9 do no longer spend ALOT of money on one. Even the main inexpensive ones will do the job in basic terms super. Mine became into 7. ninety 9 made by utilising yet another company and does a similar job because of the fact the 40 9.ninety 9 Sony cable!2. Will protests disrupt my trip?it's up in the air right now. No one really forsaw the PADs ocupation of the airport the other night. I've seen video on TV of PAD members firing handguns into crowds of people. Other videos show street gangs attacking people at random with baseball bats and long pieces of wooden board. It's hard to say. I would suggest staying in the tourist areas of Bangkok. I would also suggest that you be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything that even looks like it may errupt into a violent situation, leave quickly. Is it possible to delay your trip? Most airlines will give you credit so you can use your flight for a later date. I myself would probably NOT head out to Bangkok just yet.3. how can i buy a cheap but quite strong computer?While Dell is a wonderful company, and has cheap starter computers, configure machines from them with the power that you are probably looking for is expensive. Building the computer can also get expensive, as buying the individual parts can add up very quickly. If you are using the computer for gaming, a good place to pick up a PC would be, extreme quality with extreme performance. But if you just want a good computer on the cheap, I would try a small local shop,,, or any of the myriad of other low-cost shops out there. You can even price shop for PC's on sites like and if you know what you are looking for. Another option, would be to purchase a "barebones" kit, which is a downgraded PC (usually a case, motherboard, and a few essential components), and then purchase components (like video, audio, etc.) separately. This option is good for students people with limited funds, as you can usually purchase a runnable machine for about $200, then add to it as time and money allows.4. How do you achieve the video effects in this video?hey andrew the transitions in the video given by you are really cool and as i am graphic designer by profession i have done this kind of work for client and i use the software called 'Adobe After Effects' for doing this type of text effects5. Can you watch live TV on a cell phone?A phone itself, no. You could stream video. If you want to watch TV as it happens, you would need to purchase Slingbox, or something like it, and hook it up to your TV. Then you can watch your TV anywhere cell coverage is on any device.6. is there a video card for the computer that rca jack can plug in like video and audio?If you want it to output audio and video, then you simply need any video card with a tv out. Most of them have s-video for their tv out, so you will need an s-video to RCA adapter. You can get the audio RCA by using a 1/8" to RCA Y cable and connect it to your sound card. if you want to input audio and video, get a tv tuner card. Those come in both PCI (internal) and USB (external) versions. Well known ones are the ATI AIW line and ATI tv tuner line.
What Is a Good CPU Upgrade?
What Is a Good CPU Upgrade?
The info you gave is for a computer system model, not a motherboard model number. If you have the exact model number for the motherboard itself, I can recommend an APU for your system. From what I did find though is your system takes AMD socket FM2 APUs. and typically came with a 3.5ghz A8 AMD APU. Your system only takes AMD APUs, not a CPU, and will not work with anything Intel. Also, if you upgraded video already, and plan to upgrade your APU, You really need to upgrade your power supply as well as the supplies that they come with are only rated for 300-350 watts. I would recommend a new one in at least the 500-600 watt range. If it is compatible, An AMD A10-6800K APU is a decent upgrade, it is a quad core 4.4GHz Socket FM2 APU Processor and it runs $145 with shipping from and is included as a link in sources listed below.1. What is a good internet speed? Are higher numbers or lower number better?Higher numbers are faster and usually more expensive. The question is how much do your need? If you stream video, that's probably the biggest use of bandwidth. Here are some guidelines for streaming video. If you simultaneously stream two different videos, double the numbers, etc. (Mbps stands for Mega bytes per second):SD video (480 lines, original TV): 2-3 Mbps HD video (720 lines (DVD) or 1080 lines (Blu Ray)): 4-9 Mbps UHD video ("4K", 2160 lines): 15-25 MbpsGaming can be another big use of bandwidth, but I do not have any guidelines. I went from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps to save money. (Go figure.) I could not see any difference in my internet speed. At most, we stream 2 HD videos.2. Where to open a bridal shop?Most bridal shops offer a broad selection of bridal gowns, so in order to be competetive and also keep your start-up costs low - why not start-up a niche bridal store. You can cater to plus sized clientele, or possibly offer a one-stop shopping experience; where the bride-to-be can shop for her gown, her jewelry, shoes, purse and lingerie all in one place - of course with your advice to make sure it all coordinates. Another option to keep costs down is to offer a year-round bridal expo within your bridal shop. Allow other local businesses in the bridal industry to sublease a small area within your shop and offer specialized services - such as invitations, party favors, photography and video services, catering, music and even honeymoon planning. If there is not ample room to sublease, then possibly work on a referral basis - where you get either a flat fee or a percentage of the sale for each client lead3. Urgent Advice Needed! Will this diet help?Hi..I dont know if I ll be of any help but as I am also trying to lose weight , I thought i ll tell you things that have worked out for me. Exercise:If you have an hour or so to exercise,I think you should try an exercise video.I strongly recommend turbo jam.Jillian Michaels has this shred workout program thats just 20 minutes a day.Depending on the kind of equipment u have in the gym, you can use the treadmill,or the bike or any cardio machine that u have for 45 mins in the morning.A jog or brisk walk maybe.Ofcourse u can mix it all up.Workout video one day and a walk the next so you dont get bored.Maybe you can start a few days a week and then add on to that. Sauna:I dont think u actually lose weight in the sauna despite contrary belief. Any weight u lose u ll probably gain back by drinking water.But not really sure about that Diet:Your doing great!Continue on the veggies,fruits and healthy snacking.And i do believe u should include all food groups in your diet.Meat s no problem at all as long as u keep an eye on portions and method of cooking.If u eat meat at lunch and dinner,each serving should be as big as your palm.And ofcourse less/no oil and healthy accompaniments Most importantly, If u dont see results in a week,it doesnt necessarily mean ur diet s not working. Just takes longer for some. If u continue eating healthy and exercise, I see know reason why u shouldnt achieve your goal by july!
CTrain Assault Victim Considers next Step After City Found Liable for Injuries
CTrain Assault Victim Considers next Step After City Found Liable for Injuries
The lawyer for a Calgary man brutally beaten on his way to a CTrain platform more than 10 years ago says the firm will be seeking damages after the city was found liable for his client's injuries.In a decision on Tuesday, Justice Johnna Kubik found the City of Calgary is liable in the random 2007 attack in which Kyle McAllister was assaulted by two people on the Plus-15 that connects the Canyon Meadows CTrain station to the parkade."There's an ability right for Mr. McAllister to continue on and have a damages phase of the trial, so that's typically the next step . . . now you would have damages assessed by the court," said Robert Martz with law firm Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP.The assault went unnoticed by Calgary Transit staff monitoring video surveillance cameras as McAllister was knocked unconscious and repeatedly kicked in the head while he was on the ground.Martz said there have been a number of security upgrades to the Canyon Meadows station and connecting Plus-15 since the Jan. 1, 2007, assault."There's new cameras, better lighting and a better compliment of transit police operating," Martz said. "And I think that's one of the things Mr. McAllister was hoping to spur with this claim, is to make the CTrain safer, basically, for everybody."McAllister suffered a concussion, multiple broken bones and fractures to his face during the assault. His cheeks and lower lip were cut, requiring 40 stitches. He also suffered damage to his teeth.McAllister's attackers were both criminally convicted in separate proceedings.Jill Floen, assistant city solicitor, said the city is "currently reviewing the details of the decision and evaluating next steps.
How to Photoshop a Picture into a Video?
How to Photoshop a Picture into a Video?
You could easily do this to a video frame, but to do so in an entire video, you would have to use Premiere (or maybe Photoshop Extended). Regular Photoshop does not work with video like this1. How to convert a Facebook video into a YouTube video?Hi, if you right click the video it should give you an option to 'View on youtube' then you can copy and paste the url2. My camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3i) is not working?Err, Investigate what you are absolutely doing, Past that the better the decision and velocity you report video at, the turbo the sensor will overheat. Traditionally If you need any length of video from a patron DSLR-form digicam you have got to go for the magazine-alloy bodied versions corresponding to Canon's 7D, Nikons D7000, and Sony's SLT-A77. These cameras use the body as a warmth sink and so can preserve the sensor cooler for longer! If you are pushing your digital camera beyond it can be design spec (magic lantern?) then although you drop the resolution, you may then have got to go away it became off for a couple of minutes to allow the sensor to chill down! Of course if I've misunderstood exactly what you are doing i am going to be miles off track!3. What's the difference between ipod touch and ipod touch 2g?The iPod Touch 2G is new this year. It has an built-in loudspeaker. It has an aluminium bezel instead of a black bezel. It is slightly smaller and more rounded (this may mean that it does not fit in the old cases too well) There is a built in receiver for Nike which means you can track your running by putting a sensor in your shoes. There is improved battery life. 36 hours of music and 6 hours of video. There are physical volume controls so you can change volume in your pocket instead of having to use the fiddly on-screen volume controls. There firmware is updated (though you can update the old iPod) And last but not least, it is a lot cheaper =) Hope this helps you choose what suits you!4. Is their any way to record videos on my camera?The dSLR was never meant to do video. The D3000 is a digital camera with no video features. The answer you are looking for is a cheap Sony Handycam5. Why does a TV show from the Sixties like the original Star Trek have such beautiful, vivid colors whereas a TV show from the Seventies like The Six Million Dollar Man looks so flat and cheap?There are a couple of key factors...Film. Instead of using film, many TV companies moved to video for shooting their TV shows. Film has a much, much richer appearance, but costs more. (It's also why some old shows have actually been able to be improved to HD quality, or near it. )Star Trek was very specifically intended to show off the new color ability of NBC. They were advertising how they were the most color powerful station.Star Trek got a huge (HUGE) digital facelift in the last 10 years that have vastly improved its color and details, especially the planets and space shots. Even the shuttle craft have names digitally placed on them where they originally did not have any. (It's kinda funny when some of the planets scenery is digitally enhanced, but then a clearly Styrofoam rock comes crashing down.)6. HDMI vs. Component cables?There really is a big difference, the major one being that component cables only carry the video signal whereas the [single] HDMI cable carries both HD video and HD audio signals. By HD audio I mean up to 7.1 Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound. With component, you have to manage 3 cables for the video and 2 more for the analog audio. On another point, HDMI has two-way capability. When I first turn on one of my DVDRs, it interrogates the HDTV and, based on the response, sets the HDMI resolution to maximize its capability, and vice versa. My DVDRs are both capable of 1080p but my TV only goes up to 720p. It sets itstelf automatically everytime it starts up.
Why Does My Video Duplicate Frames at 60fps?
Why Does My Video Duplicate Frames at 60fps?
What your seeing is the interpolation all HD camcorders do. When they video, they interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly, the other frames in between these are filled in by the camcorder inner circuitry, thus giving you not true video. HD camcorders interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the camcorder inner circuitry, thus giving you not true video. It looks like this -one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, from front to back of the video. Near impossible to edit1. Hauppauge 558 ImpactVCB Video CaptureCard?For the price it is a fair to good card even better than most USB import cards to boot specs... Incoming image is digitized using high quality 4:2:2 video sampling and displayed in a window on the PC's VGA screen. Which is a lot better than some other cards. The ImpactVCB Video Capture Card from Hauppauge is an analog video capture card with a PCI interface. Compatible with Windows operating systems, the card can capture video at 15-30fps. The card is designed for use as part live video display, real time video capture, streaming video, or video conferencing systems. Supports NTSC and PAL video capture Support 4:2:2 video sampling Features 3 RCA composite inputs and 1 S-Video input Programmer's Toolkit, with DLL and OCX support for C and Visual Basic environments, is available for developers who wish to write software for the card Driver included for Windows 95, NT, 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP Video System NTSC, PAL Video Formats SD Aspect Ratio 4:3 Audio Formats None Connectors TV Input None Video 3x RCA Composite, 1x S-Video Audio None2. can you use a VGA to HDMI cable to conect your laptop to your tv?Did you tell your workstation which you had to apply the HDMI port for video out? i do no longer comprehend abode windows 7 all that nicely, yet you frequently ought to establish which ports you decide directly to apply3. Where to have a birthday party? 14 yr old?you do not say if that is for a woman or boy. If a woman i could say have a real girlie time, paint one yet another's nails, get out the hair straighteners (or curling tongs, or the two) and do one yet another's hair, get sparkly hairgrips and so directly to help, all deliver alongside various social gathering clothing and attempt one yet another's on, then watch a action picture or play board video games and function some great food. A boy's? wager what they actually like is enjoying pc video games so base it around that and the food.4. What is your least favorite fashion trend?I hate those hang off u'r but skirts. The big ones, kind of like peasant skirts I guess. And the sequined purses, DEFINITELY!! I also hate those rubber shoes with the holes in the top!! the slide on slicker shoes. The worst EVER!!!! and white pumps. What the crap. Smerfette is the only one that looks good in those!! And wearing a dress, with jeans! Like Jo Jo did in he "Baby, it's u" video. Oh, and skinny white girls wearing 6 sizes too big pants and shirts to look black. You know, with the lip lined in black and filled in with the red, and their hair in the high "wet" piny tail. Back in the day, we called them "Wiggers" STOP WEARING THOSE PEOPLE!!.5. What are the advantages and disdvantages of the Canon 18-55 IS MKII vs IS STM kit lenses?According to the Wikipedia article comparing all Canon EF-S 18-55mm version the STM version has (in addition to the new STM motor) a new optical design (13 elements in 11 groups vs. 11 elements in 9 groups), internal focusing and an extra diaphragm blade (7 vs. 6)So, the EF-S 18-55mm IS STM is not just the EF-S 18-55mm IS II with the new motor but a completely new lens that seams to be slightly better than the old design in every way. Even if you do not need the advantage of the STM motor for video I see no reason to buy the older version (unless it's cheaper), I also do not see a compelling reason to upgrade for someone that already has the IS II but the new STM version is better.BTW, you can usually buy seconds hand kit lenses for next to nothing because a lot of people want to get rid of them when they upgrade, a quick look on eBay shows that the EF-S 18-55mm IS II has been sold for as little as $40
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