How This Personal Finance Blog Rakes in Millions From E-commerce

By Simon OwensIn 2016, the New York Times purchased a website called The Wirecutter, and in so doing joined a bevy of other media companies BuzzFeed, Gawker, Vox Media in expanding into a business model thats often referred to as e-commerce.With traditional advertising, a company pays a set fee for a guarantee that an ad will be placed in front of a publications audience. With the e-commerce model, the publication creates content with the same standards and quality thats applied on the editorial side of the company, but that content contains links to certain products, and the publication is paid based on every sale or KPI that comes as a result of a reader clicking on those links.

How This Personal Finance Blog Rakes in Millions From E-commerce 1

The Wirecutter, founded by former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam, performs extensive research and makes recommendations in various product categories. An article for The Best Wireless Headset for the Office, for instance, involved 50 hours researching 30 headsets and testing nine of them. It spans over 4,000 words and ultimately settles on a headset called the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC as the best you can buy.

Next to the recommendation is a buy icon that directs the reader to both and Amazon. Presumably, if I click on one of those links and purchase the headset, The Wirecutter gets a cut of the money I spend.I wanted to get a better understanding of how these e-commerce departments work from the inside.

How do they make the deals that determine how much theyll make with each sale? How do they maintain editorial standards to guarantee readers will extract real value from their content? And how do they pick the products that are worth featuring?

To answer these questions, I turned to a personal finance website called The Penny Hoarder. I wrote last year about the site and how its founder, Kyle Taylor, built up a following by blogging about ways to save and make money as he clawed his way out of significant debt. After partnering with Alexis Grant, a journalist who ran her own content marketing company, Taylor scaled The Penny Hoarder, and this year its projected, according to Poynter, to bring in $40 million in revenue.

How This Personal Finance Blog Rakes in Millions From E-commerce 2

The Penny Hoarder generates most of its money from performance marketing, a subcategory of e-commerce, and for the purposes of this article I spoke to the people who work on the revenue side of the company. Heading that department is VP of Business Operations Vishal Mahtani, a serial web entrepreneur who sold his last startup, a company called Kindermint, in 2015 and was introduced to Taylor soon after while vacationing in the Caribbean. The two hit it off and by July of that same year Mahtani was in place and formalizing the business processes that until then had been performed ad hoc.

I asked Mahtani to describe his teams process for locating, vetting, and promoting the brands The Penny Hoarder works with. First and foremost, in order for his team to even consider working with a sponsor, that company has to cater to the sites core mission: putting more money in its readers pockets. Who we work with and how we work with them, it all derives from that value proposition, he told me.

Mahtanis team consists of 10 staff members, four on the editorial side and the rest involved in business development. The account managers are responsible for going out and finding sponsors to partner with. Because The Penny Hoarder has an audience of millions and operates in a lucrative content category, its often approached by potential advertisers, the vast majority of which are rejected by the revenue team.

It used to be something like 80 or 90 percent were rejected, said Mahtani. As our account manager team gets bigger and theyre getting a better understanding of the type of people we work with, its gone from a 90 percent rejection rate to something like a 75 to 80 percent rejection rate. In other words, the account managers are getting better at bringing potential sponsors in that are more likely to pass The Penny Hoarders strict vetting process.

How does this vetting process work? The revenue team holds a twice-a-week deal analysis meeting on Tuesday and Thursdays. The meeting also includes someone on the social media team who may be responsible for buying targeted social ads.

The account managers will pitch potential sponsors to the editorial side, and this means account managers had to collect key information about each prospect prior to the meeting. They will spend time asking certain questions, said Mahtani. What is your unique value proposition?

Who are your competitors? Why are you better than the competition? What are your KPIs?

What are you trying to measure for? We really want to understand what that advertiser is about and where theyre going to.At the deal analysis meeting, theyll review things like the potential sponsors landing page and the online customer reviews for the product.

While some brands are rejected during this meeting, said Mahtani, many emerge without a firm yes or a no because further research is needed. Its not uncommon for the editorial team to then go and sign up for the product or service to see how it operates firsthand.Leading that team is Matt Wiley.

Wiley got his bachelors in magazine journalism from the University of South Florida (I wanted to be the editor of a skateboarder magazine, he told me). Soon after graduating he both enrolled in graduate school at USF St. Petersburg and took a job writing, editing, shooting photos for, and laying out a small direct mail newspaper.

After obtaining his masters in journalism, he searched for a new job and found a listing for an assistant editor position at The Penny Hoarder. He started out on the editorial side but took on editing paid content in addition to his normal tasks. As the business continued to grow, it became apparent there was an opportunity to develop a separate team to handle this type of content.

Since he was already responsible for handling the paid content, Wiley was tapped to lead and build out the team. Wiley has three content writers under him, and someone on his team is often tasked with signing up for a potential sponsors service and giving it a trial run. Lets say its a survey site, he said.

There are tons of those out there. Well have someone in the office test it for like a week and see how many surveys they qualify for and what the user experience is like. We dont want to recommend stuff to our readers that sucks.


SUBSCRIBE OVER HERE]If a brand passes this strict vetting process, then its up to Wiley and his writers to produce the creative campaign that will generate demand for the product or service. These campaigns span everything from video to text-based articles. We try to think of general themes, he said.

Stuff that people would want to read about. He pointed to an article that has racked up close to 2 million views: 6 Slick Ways to Save Money on Amazon You Probably Dont Know About. What makes a post like this particularly effective is it manages to insert both sponsors and non-sponsors, which adds to its authenticity.

One of those sponsors, an app called Ibotta, allows users to earn cash rebates on items theyve purchased. Wiley pointed out that, in addition to being a sponsor, the app is regularly used by both him and his coworkers, a testament to The Penny Hoarders vetting standards.More recently, Wileys team has begun experimenting with sponsored Facebook Lives.

Two months ago, The Penny Hoarder hosted a Facebook Live in partnership with Decluttr, a company that buys your old CDs, DVDs, and other household items. We collaborated with the social media team to produce it, he said. We found a local professional declutterer, and we did a broadcast from one of her clients houses, walking around with her as she gave tips on how to declutter your home.

We also showed people how to use the Decluttr app while also dropping links into the comment section to different posts about the client. The video has amassed over 1. 6 million views.

A skeptical reader might conclude that The Penny Hoarder is simply engaged in affiliate marketing a business model that spans back almost two decades but several staff members pushed back at this label and said theres a clear distinction between affiliate and performance marketing. The term affiliate marketing has a very negative connotation, and theres a reason for that, said Mahtani. With affiliate marketing, there are often several middle men between the brand and the content creator whos actually inserting the affiliate link.

[The brand] will go to an agency, and the agency would go to another agency, which then goes to a bunch of website owners. So the person whos delivering the traffic and the advertiser are so far removed theres no control from the brand of the messaging on that persons site. There are no compliance controls.

This results in a lot of bad actors who employ all sorts of spammy blackhat practices to funnel traffic through their websites. Performance marketing differs, he said, because of the direct relationship with the advertiser. The two sides not only negotiate a specific price for each KPI, but theres a review process to ensure the creative copy aligns with the brands messaging.

I had assumed going into these interviews that the KPI is always a sale of the product or service, but Mahtani told me this isnt always the case. Usually the account manager will outline the KPI that the advertiser is looking for, he said. Sometimes its a sign up.

Sometimes its a registration. Sometimes its taking a survey. There are many different business objectives.

Once the KPI has been firmly established, his team makes a guestimate as to how many of these actions can be induced and how much paid media they would need to put behind it to reach their goals. Only then can they establish a price for each intended outcome.The Penny Hoarder uses what Mahtani calls proprietary and third party technologies to measure the success of the campaign.

We know how many impressions there were, how many clicks went to it, where those clicks came from, and how many people signed up or did whatever action on their site. Lets say a reader comes from Facebook, lands on an article, jumps to another article, clicks on a link, and then purchases a partners product;Mahtani said his team can track that entire journey from beginning to end. This helps them in adjusting and modifying future campaigns.

Given that its pretty common for the revenue team to create partnerships with companies that have already been written about on the editorial side of The Penny Hoarder, I wondered how much the left hand is talking to the right hand. Are editorial staffers tasked with giving Mahtanis team a heads up when theyre writing about new products in case a partnership deal could be inked? When I first entered, I was like wow, were writing all this content and its all going live and nobodys getting to look at it beforehand.

Whats the story?How Media Matters has evolved in the age of TrumpBy Simon Mahtani realized these werent lost opportunities; what mattered was that The Penny Hoarder was continuing to build its base of repeat visitors. Look at all the great traffic we get because we write it in such a way where were not influenced by advertising, he explained.

We dont look at it as losing potential revenue, but rather creating great content.And without that great content and reader trust, the entire value proposition The Penny Hoarder offers its brand partners that it can entice its readers to sign up for a service, download an app, or purchase a product goes up in a cloud of smoke. In order for a performance marketing model to actually work, the reader must always come first.

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Hire Simon OwensAs a longtime journalist whos written for national publications including US News & World Report, The Atlanticmedium. comSimon Owens is a tech and media journalist living in Washington, DC. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Email him at . For a full bio, go here

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1. How do I fix the closet doors?Your best bet would be contact the place where the doors were bought from and explain to them you need a copy of the installation instructions for the sliding closet doors, seeing as how you might of misplaced them------2. How did the Amiga 500 left-side expansion port work?Another fairly common expansion, which was not an accelerator, RAM, or 68k compatible, was the PC compatibility card containing an x86 compatible CPU. In fact, one of the first hyped Amiga sidecar expansions was the original Sidecar------3. I need help securing my patio screen for my cats.?Check your local hardware, feed, or farm supply stores for wire mesh, which you could install inside the screening. You could also consider rescreening with special aluminum screening designed to be pet-resistant------4. Should we ban home improvement stores?We should ban fast food restaurants. They kill more people than guns bombs and car accident combined. Also, there are other uses for even gunpowder than killing people. That is not the case for assault rifles and hand guns.------5. How do you clean grout? ?Try mixing a solution of one-part bleach and six parts water, scrub with a toothbrush then rinse. There are also special cleaners out there just for grout available at your hardware stores------6. how can I level bottom garage door flap to keep rats out of sides?particular you need to deploy a cat flap by your storage door and then one for the period of the double glazed door. you will could desire to have it geared up by utilising a expert regardless of the shown fact that and purchase one made specially for glass doors. Your close by puppy shop could desire to have the potential to assist.------7. How do you get rid of Silverfish?Any product that kills cockroaches will kill silverfish they are in the same family. They may of come into your house with a lumber delivery. Lumber yeards are crawling with them since they like wood and the glues used in laminates.------8. Looking for a joint that locks into place?go to your local hardware store or building supply store and ask for self-locking hinges, they lock in place when opened, then has a small handle to press on to unlock and close again------9. is this level shifter a dud or am i doing something silly?Michael Karas' comment contained the answer i needed. once the level shifter was powered on both the hv and lv sides from the respective 5v and 3v sources, the shifter gives the right 3.3v shifted voltage from the data0 and data1 pins.------10. How do I change my hot tap washer?You will prob need a plumber, but if you are thinking of doing it yourself drain the water out first, then unscrew tap and put a replacement washer on which you can buy from local plumbers merchants failing that ask local plumbers merchant for advice good luck!------11. My son knocked out a garage door window. Where do I get new nes?You will probably have to replace the glass yourself. Measure the window and go to a full service hardware store, not Menards or that other place, and buy the glass, the glazing points and some glazers putty and look in Utube for some instructions------12. Need help with door hinge?Sounds like the wood that you are putting the screws into is the problem. Take some wood slivers (wooden matchsticks without the heads or toothpicks if you have nothing else) and put those into the holes first then replace the screws to see if it holds better------13. What's going on with my washer and the hose going into it?It might have froze but washer hoses can just fail. They get movement constantly while the washer is in operation due to the water inlet valves turning on and off. The hot water side is usually the one that will fail first. Always buy the best washer hoses you can------14. I am looking for an inexpensive home design for a small and narrow lot 28x72. I want a simple lean to shape.?Is there a school near you with an architecture or drafting program? If so, hire a student to design this for you. Give the student valuable real-world experience and get the blueprints drawn for much less than an architect would charge------15. What do you think about this DEMAND AND SUPPLY?Yes but only to a limited extent. CDs and CD players can be viewed as comprising the music listening experience, which is the good actually demanded. When either component of the music listening experience declines in price the total experience declines in price. Because CDs are a smaller portion of the price of the total experience a decline in their price will only have a small impact on the demand for CD players.------16. Large case like microwave?I could say; just build a box out of wood and line it with aluminum foil. There are many companies you could look into that supply special cases for electronic equipment, cameras, or theatrical purposes. Another suggestion might be the hardware or animal care suppliers.------17. how do I advertise for my lawn care business?You could also make up business cards and leave them at local lawn supply businesses or hardware stores such as Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc. Even your neighborhood grocery store is a good place, especially if they have a bulletin board area for advertising. is a good source for cheap business cards. Check them out.------18. How much does it cost to have a house w/ aluminum wiring rewired with copper?Several thousand dollars. Copper is near all-time highs right now, and labour is going to run you a lot as well. I would seriously consider buying another house if the aluminum wiring causes you that much concern------19. Selling a home yourself?You can also hold an open house to advertise the sale of your home. Advertise for the open house by posting signs in your neighborhood. Have some light refreshments available and set out brochures about the home that visitors can take with them as they leave.------20. We live by a woods, and my cat is being eaten alive! How do I get rid of fleas?Use Sevrin dust for yard and around foundations of your home.Get CAP STAR tablets from vet they start working immediately.Spray your home with a fine mist and leave for a couple of hours. I usr Orthro home defense. You really need to use a flea spray or liquid on your pet once you get rid of the fleas monthly.Flea collars can make sores and lose fur I never use them.Vaccuam everyday if you can.I have indoor outdoor cats works for me------21. Tired of theives need a security camera?Hardware: Software: Secure Cam is a motion detecting web cam surveillance software that can automatically capture a series of images whenever motion is detected in the monitored area. You can adjust the detection sensitivity, automatically archive captured still images and playback the images in sequence with the supplied viewer application. Secure Cam can monitor and display up to 99...etc.------22. I'm painting concrete...and i dont want to spend a fortune.....?Etch the concrete after a good decreasing. Thin oil primer to get flow and penetration. If you have the time do this a few times sanding lightly between coats. Mistints from the store could cost much less just make sure to get more than you need and mix all together and apply a heavy coat------23. Does anyone do hardware benchmarks on compiling code? closedTom's Hardware used to, but it looks like they stopped doing it back in 2008: None of the newer CPU charts include the Linux Kernel compiling test.------24. where can i buy a large seal for a door? sand blows through the door cracks want a thick wide seal to put there lowes does not hve correct 1?Go to any good hardware store or building supply and ask them about the different types of weather stripping. It would be helpful if you are able to show them a picture of the cracks/spaces between the door and the frame and sill.------25. Anyone know Any good ways to string up an Eno Hammock indoors?Be careful and obtain permission if you are not the owner of the walls. Talk with a fastener specialist in a hardware store or lumber company or building supply center. There are expansion bolts that may be capable of spreading the load over enough area to not destroy a wall. Alternatively, in a stick-constructed house, studs may be able to handle the load.------26. my closet door is broken because a spring is damaged?Sometimes just removing the damaged spring will make the door hinge work again. If the damaged spring is getting in the way of the hinge? Failing that the previous fellow sounds sane!------27. What is a "gosh bracket" and where can I find one?A gosh bracket is used to replace the light weight brackets supplied by motor manufacturers as they distribute the weight more evenly on the garage door. It is a better choice than the light weight brackets and is more heavy duty. They recommend use of at least one inch angle iron, mounted to beams in the ceiling, for support . ..You can purchase angle iron at any hardware store------28. question about poping the lock on doors? locked out!?Try a paper clip and a screw drive, keep the screw driver turned, the thing is you are finding loopholes in the lock system, so while keeping the screwdriver turned rub the paperclip(or whatever else you have) against the tiny pins on the top so after a little while of pushing the pins up it should eventually turn------29. Please give me the steps I need to follow to install an Ethernet card to my PC?Turn off computer>Unplug all cables>Open CPU>locate PCI slot insert ethernet card (be sure to screw it up)>Close CPU cover>Plug all cables>Turn on your computer>The computer will automatically ecognize new device>Follow the steps as said by the computer------30. whats the best way to get rid of a ouija board?We burned ours outside over an open fire pit, dosed it with gasoline and used wooden kitchen matches and waited till it was all gone and then we took the ashes and buried then in a vacant field far away from our house, sounds extreme but hell we were teenagers and we had seen enough------31. how to turn on my swamp cooler help plz?electrical energy kills ! Please call a specialist to substitute your pump. No offense meant, yet as soon as you ought to ask this query, it potential which you are not any longer certified to do this restore------32. Computer goes off suddenly, especially when bumped?Its likely a plug or a ground somewhere. If you shut off like all power at once check for a ground like a screw under the mother board or touching the case somewhere------33. We took down plaster walls and are installing drywall but all the door frames are more than just 1/2 inches ?No, door frames are almost always thicker than the drywall. Go to the store and ask about ground. Ground is any treatment applied where one surface meets another. There are metal pieces used for edges, different ones for corners, and so forth. They are all just called ground, except the curved line where two vaults intersect is called a groin------34. removing a us lock deadbolt to transfer to a new door?Square drive screws are not that unusual, especially for security type devices. I have a set of magnetic screwdriver tips that includes several sizes of square drives -- you can get them at any hardware store or building supply center------35. Seniors, Do I have worms?Patti, this works for all garden pests. Buy a bar of Fels Naptha soap and grate up 2 tablespoons of it. Add warm water to disolve it in a spray bottle and spray all your garden plants. Web search Fels Naptha soap and see all it does besides get your clothes clean. It's a strong and powerful stain remover and insect repellent. Check in will be surprised------36. Why can't a hardware store sell glass for a door window by law?door glass and low level window glass needs to be safety glass and have the revelant identification etched on i doubt the local hard ware store can do this for you------37. How can I stop my cat from opening the cupboards?Child locks could work or be really evil n cram loads of stuff into the cupboards when she opens it it will scare her because of the stuff faling out and hopefully the cat will learn------38. making money building computers?no it isnt woth it unless you get cheap parts but then agian customers dont want cheap crap they want something for nothing. Forget it waste of time!!! dont use ebay your profit margin will get eaten up try selling in the local papers cheap ad free shipping cause no shipping involved they pick it up!------39. Which big businesses do you think Obama's taxation will force out of the U.S. first?Yes, Obama made many mistakes with business and desperately needs business now for the economy to recover. So he will try and pass R&D, the Bush tax cuts to get the middle class and a public works project (infrastructure as in department of transportation) to get unions and the working class------40. Question about getting and taking care of chinchillas (sp?)?chinchillas are expensive to buy, house, and care for and are a long term commitment. i recommend looking farther then ask yahoo for how to care for them honestly. they are great though if you are up for their big responsibility.------41. HELP house building materials wholesaler?All the sub division builders around this area get their supplies from local hardware stores...Rona/Home the back of the stores there is a contractor desk..this is where contractors will go to order their material receiving a discount once verified as legitimate. You can arrange material delivery as needed (you would not get enough for all the houses at once as this is not realistic). This is how contractors work around here from the small custom guy to the large builder
Understand  Canisters
Understand Canisters
An Introduction to CanistersDavid Cornell Leestma (born May 6, 1949) is a former American astronaut and retired Captain in the United States NavyWhat to Put in Kitchen CanistersKitchen canister sets are made in different shapes and sizes, as well as materials from ceramic to copper to glass. One important factor that they all have in common is that they must be airtight to store dry goods. The canisters must seal efficiently to keep out moisture and insects that can spoil stored foods. Most dry food staples can be stored in kitchen canisters, especially if they are kept out of direct sunlight. Flour Baking supplies, such as different types of flour, keep well in kitchen canisters. Airtight canisters with silicone or rubber seals that are seated on the cover and fit tightly to the lip of the canister work best to keep out humidity and moisture that can make the flour clump together. These seals also keep insects and their larvae out of the flour. The flour canister is usually the largest canister in a kitchen canister set. Sugar The next largest canister in a kitchen canister set may be the sugar canister. Sugar is also negatively affected by humidity and moisture. It creates lumps and becomes sticky when the canister seal does not form an airtight bond with the canister. Ensure that the seal works correctly by brushing it off so that no sugar crystals clog the grooves in the seal when closed. Pasta Remove your spaghetti pasta from its store box and place it in a tall kitchen canister. These taller kitchen canisters are ideal for storing spaghetti without breaking up the dry pasta strands. Whole spaghetti strands that you can twirl on a fork Italian style make the eating experience more enjoyable for spaghetti lovers. Keep the spaghetti kitchen canister on the counter top within easy reach for quick meal preparation. Coffee It is especially important that coffee beans and ground coffee be stored in an airtight kitchen canister so that they do not lose the oils essential to the coffee taste through evaporation. Silicone or rubber seals can make a kitchen canister airtight; however, they often attract ground coffee particles that stick and can prevent a good seal on a coffee canister. Brush off both the seal and the canister rim before closing so that they are free of coffee particles.Is there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?s there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?==noI've bought 2 boxes of Crossman brand c02 from a local store for my bike innertube inflater. Once filled, the pressure in my tyre would drop substantially within 24 hours.==leak I concluded that this drop just might be normal for co2.==no My normal hand pump uses air, which is mostly nitrogen with very small amounts of co2. I conjectured that the co2 might dissipate through the inner-tube easier than the nitrogen which makes up most of the air, hence the rapid pressure drop. ==.000005% maybeWhen I exhausted those canisters, I order 2 more boxes of the same brand and quantity online. It's been 2 days since I filled with the new canisters, and I squeezed my tyres just now on a whim. Wow, it's like I just filled them. The pressure should be rather low right now. I haven't used a gauge, but the pressure feels about right on the front tyre. The rear is a little harder to judge with its kevlar weaving, it's higher pressure, and my lack of experience with judging this type of tyre's pressure by touch.--doesn;t work, touchCould it be the case that the co2 canisters stocked locally had gone 'bad' somehow? ==noI hear they put OILS AND THINGS inside of c02 canisters.==nno I suspect those boxes had been on the shelf for a long time. Maybe some chemical breakdown happened with the oil and c02 or something along those lines? Clearly, there is a difference in the boxes I've ordered.It's possible that I overfilled by a large amount, but that would imply that my tyre guage and/or judgment of tangible stuff is off by quite a bit.3 hours ago - 4 days left to answer. Report AbuseAdditional Details@JohnI have a frame pump I always take, but filling the rear type to at least 110==too high for mt bike is a nightmare, even though the pump should handle it. The constant pumping motion has ripped my valve base at least once.==doing it wrong It's really exhausting, especially when I don't have it perfectly seated and I loose lbs of air at high pressure in a split second.2 hours ago@McGBut my tubes haven't changed - yet they appear to be holding pressure better suddenly. It's intriguing. I have to observe this more.==yeah so far you have not observed it accurately2 hours ago@John & Groin*Shug*I'd have a floor pump if I could find a reasonably priced one whose quality I did not need to question. My search so far has been discouraging.==99% of them are ok and much cheaper than 888 boxes of co2wle1 hour ago
Is It Possible to Reverse Openings of an Already Installed Glass Sliding Door?
Is It Possible to Reverse Openings of an Already Installed Glass Sliding Door?
I do not think most doors can be changed without removing the door1. someone knocked on my sliding door?Something like this happened to me recently. Do not worry or panic. If you seriously feel like someone's trying to get in call 911. If not it might be a neighbor. Once my neighbor kept knocking on my door, turns out he was just looking for my dad to ask about his lawn or something. Another time a cop rang my door bell at 12:00 am and I did not open because he did not even say he was a cop he just kept knocking. So just use your gut and common sense2. Do your cats get jealous of each other if you donu2019t give them equal attention?Yes! I have three indoor cats and a stray that adopted us who is strictly outdoor. He is so jealous of the indoor cats that get to be with us when we are in the house that he will go from window to window to antagonize them and get our attention if I have not gone outside that morning!I also bought a purfect fence years ago for my indoor kids to get a taste of the outdoors. We set it up around my bedroom sliding door with their own cat door so they can come and go as they please whenever I open it. Well, we bought the fence before Storm adopted us, so we thought nothing of setting the pen up so one side runs along the pool fence. The perfect fence's top is connected to hinged arms so if the cats climb up the wire the arm falls under their weight and they cannot escape. It does nothing to keep cats out, however, when they hop on the pool fence (which is about half the height of the purfect fence) then jump on to the purfect fence, into the pen, and prance their way through the cat door into the house.3. Does this sliding door lock work well on sliding glass doors?In the 70's and 80's my best friend owned a lot of rental property. We did all the maintenance and dealt with all kinds of tenants. I have also rented on several occasions. There are good and bad folks on both sides of "that fence". Unfortunately I do not know the law in Texas. As a rule I would think that non-life threatening issues would have a 30 day time limit to respond. You did the right thing by putting your request in writing. After 30 days you may have the right to hire someone to do the work and deduct it from your rent. Be sure to include a copy of your original letter and receipt from the installer. But Wait. You say you have notified them Multiple times already. In less than a month no less! Ouch! If the second lock falls under the heading of "Minimum Housing Code Violation" then repeat request may have been in order. If not... As an interim measure the old "board in the track" trick does work well. Hope I have been of some help to you. Good luck4. Has your Snuggie ever got caught in a sliding door?Hi WTH Is A Snuggie cuz it sounds WEIRD Are you some like freaky head? What is a snuggie????5. How do you unfreeze a sliding door on a metal shed?Hot water will quickly freeze leaving more ice to deal with. Pour de-iceing alcohol , rubbing alcohol, or even automotive windshield washer anti freeze on the tracks. Wait a few min for it to work. Avoid salt since it will soon corode and rust away the doors and tracks. Next time you close the doors try laying a towel or even a protective board to shield the track from drifting snow which will turn to ice,,,good luck6. Is it safe to sleep in the basement by myself if there is a large glass sliding door?if someone wants to get in your house/car they will. its very random on where crime strikes. if noone has tried to get in your house by the basement before i would say your pretty safe. an easy cheap safety device is to take a broom handle n place it in the door runner - we used this 'security system' for years. good luck
Barn Door Hardware Vs Pocket Doors
Barn Door Hardware Vs Pocket Doors
Barn door hardware is a unique and creative new way of adding life and character to any room in your home. As homeowners and designers look for new ways to touch up and accent the interiors of homes, more and more are turning to this novel style.Though this hardware is popularly used for larger openings and doorways such as to dinning rooms, studies, living rooms, etc., it is also being widely implemented as a replacement for pocket doors.But what are pocket doors? Well, if you're a homeowner and you have one, you know exactly what it is. You also probably haven't actually seen that door in a long time since it spends most of its life inside a wall. But for the sake of everyone being on the same page, let's talk briefly about what a pocket door is. Pocket doors are those doors that slide back and forth into the open and closed position. They are typically normal sized and are good for small openings such as from a kitchen to a separate dining room, or a bedroom to a bathroom. Their unique quality is that they actually slide into the adjacent wall and out of sight, their side actually becoming part of the door jamb.Unfortunately this style of door is becoming increasingly unpopular due to several reasons. If you're a homeowner with this style of door somewhere in your home, you will be nodding your head as you read through these. First, they can be a hassle to open and close. As you slide them in and out of position, they tend to sway a little causing them to bump the inside of the wall or door jamb and stop suddenly.Second, the latch on the inside of the door is annoying to use. Its such a small hook that it becomes tedious to fumble with it just so you can hook your finger on the tiny latch and pull the door out from inside the wall. This is why the door spends most of its life inside the wall.Finally, in retrospect homeowners often realize that they spent a lot of extra money on a door that they don't even use, which can be the ultimate frustration. No one wants to waste money.For these reasons barn door hardware is increasing in popularity. The door rolls back and forth with smooth ease. Since it remains outside the wall, it's never difficult to open or close. Additionally since it stays outside the wall, the door is always in sight, naturally becoming a part of the room's decor. And since the track hardware mounts outside the wall, no major reconstruction is needed.
How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Under Sliding Closet Doors?
How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Under Sliding Closet Doors?
Installing Sliding Closet Doors1. can you hide asbestos tiles with laminate flooring?You are fine to cover over it. In fact it is the safest way to deal with it. Removal will disturb the particles that are harmful to your health and they may be blown everywhere instead of contained to the flooring they are a part of at this time. Be sure to use the membrane underlayment with the new laminate and taping the edges will not hurt to keep the asbestos in place. As a tenant the entire project it seems would be the owners responsibility and not yours though2. How many packs of laminate flooring do I need to cover a floor 14ft x 11ft?14 x 11 = 154 ft2 How many ft2 in a pack? Divide that into 154 and make sure you have at least 10% extra for waste and cuts etc3. Can you replace wall to wall carpet with a bunch of area rugs?aha !.....after i discovered the wonders of having kids.i soon found out that replacing carpets with laminate flooring was a far far better solution.. laminate flooring offers varying styles ,and colours of woods and is generally cheaper than carpets. ..........easy to install yourself and easier to clean and replace4. is laminate flooring good to put on top of floor heating?Tiles are fine for this, as is Allure Vinyl Planking from Trafficmaster. I have used this over infloor heating and it has lasted really well over the last four winters. As for who to ask for can talk to the person who installed the infloor heat or you can research yourself on the internet as to what is best to conduct heat..and choose from that. I would not use laminate at all over infloor.5. What can I use as a playpen for dwarf hamsters?Large card board boxes are cheap and work well, though you may want to put something on the bottom of it to keep it from getting spoiled (like a square of laminate flooring) Other than that you can get playpens at petstores, though they can get pricey6. we installed laminate flooring in laundry room & now washer vibrates.?The washer or the floor is unlevel, and the washer feet need to be adjusted. Either that, or the washer/load of laundry is unbalanced and throwing the washer around. Did this happen only 1 time, or with different loads. Only asking b/c sometimes the type of laundry in there throws the balance off, like big items or overloading the washer7. In a room with "round" corner, how do you install laminate flooring?do not use glueon laminate flooring and yes it can be done simply cut a template using cardboard and use a jigsaw to cut the laminate pieces and yes they will snap together however the molding will take a touch to make my suggestion is to call a flooring company that specializes in laminate flooring they will know how to do it and as far as the Orange Box saying it can not be done they are correct can not be done by there guys not experienced enough to do this kind of job lol they are and will alwys be a joke they should stick to selling and leave installs to competent contractors8. Can you successfully place laminate flooring over ceramic tile.?The only type of laminate flooring that you can do this with a tile floor below it would be a floating floor...Armstorng and others have such a product...any other laminate florring needs to be nailed to the floor....good luck9. 14 Great Tips For The Best DIY Laminate Flooring Installation14 Great Tips For The Best DIY Laminate Flooring Installation Laminate floors have currently emerged out as a trendy and quality flooring option. Importantly, these are even the perfect DIY flooring solutions for you and can embellish your home like no other. So are you looking to install high-quality laminate floors all yourself in your house? If so, here we have brought a few handy tips and tricks which would turn your laminate flooring installation job a lot easier: Installation of Flooring Material: Measuring Your Floors:Measuring your floors is the first step and the key to your success. You need to be correct on every inch while measuring, and this should be followed by calculating the total square area utmost accurately. Preparing The Floors: Preparing your sub-floors is also a critical step. The surface should be clean and free from dirt etc. If you already have carpet flooring, you need to remove this before installing EGGER or LOC Floors etc. Tools That You Need:It's necessary to get some important tools such as a measuring tape, marking pencil, spacers, hacking saw with blades and the safety equipment etc. Preparing The Underlay:You may need the assistance of a laminate flooring supplier in this. The experts can help you in getting a suitable underlay which prevents moisture etc. from reaching the floors. Ensure Your Direction:For the best results, you need to install the laminate floors in a direction parallel to the longest wall of the room or the direction of the incoming light. Ensure The First Row To Be Perfect:While installing, your first ever row is similar to a foundation which determines the alignment of all the other rows. Needless to mention, you need to measure and align it well, ensuring it to be utmost perfect. When Installing The Floors:You need to keep track of the flooring pattern and spread the dark patches evenly till they offer a great appearance. Besides, a 10mm expansion gap is necessary to be left by using the spacers. Do Not Apply Too Much Force:Though the laminate floors can be clipped into each other too easily,if they do not , do not force it. There could be some obstacle in the way. When Installing The Last Row: While you are installing the last row, assemble it in length and clip it in place. Once this is done, you can initiate installing the trims which cover the expansion gap. When Installing Under Doors:If suppose your laminate flooring continues across the doorway, you may consider leaving a gap between the two rooms. And this transition could be facilitated with the help of a transition strip under the door which allows a better flexibility on the laminate floors. The Tape You Use:The underlay may need to be taped,but you cannot use just any tape that you have. Used specialised tapes as recommended by underlay manufacturers. Beware Of Temperature And Humidity:Laminate floors could be subjected to expansion and contraction during variations in temperature and humidity. Keep track of this. How To Protect Yourself: Ensure to protect your eyes, hands, and knees with the help of safety goggles, gloves,and knee pads respectively. Consult The Experts:If you are not too confident about the flooring materials, installation, or anything relating the process, you need to consult the experts or get the job done by them. The bottom-line is, if you are installing the laminate floors yourself, it is important to adhere to the important guidelines and follow the above tips well to ensure great outcomes. For more help, Call Prime Floors to get the best assistance with respect to laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and similar other flooring assistance at very affordable prices.
My Cat Keeps Spraying and I Don't Know How to Stop Him?
My Cat Keeps Spraying and I Don't Know How to Stop Him?
Yep yep and good luck with the smell. he is basically marking his turf. having a cat neutered does not necessarily mean he wont be able to spray he is trying to stand his ground saying yo this is my house I am the boss now do one! You just need to really scrub the carpet or even better get laminate flooring!1. how to remove rug backing residue from wood laminate flooring?lacquer thinner should do the trick. use a micro-fiber cloth for best results. good luck2. Is there a big difference between 8mm and 10mm laminate flooring?10mm Laminate Flooring3. Just a Statement on laminate flooring in kitchens/bathrooms?I agree 100% with the original comment. Also the new Mannington Adura is a great alternative to laminate flooring. It has the look of real wood, is next to impervious to moisture, you can rack it out like real hardwood, and you can replace 1 piece at a time if necessary. I also despise the acoustical qualities of laminates. They sound as horrible as they look, and for the lady in Florida that had the leak with no problems, that's because the foam underlay soaked up the moisture. Call an industrial hygienist to come take air quality checks. You may have a mold problem! The foam is what causes 90% of the problems associated with laminates, the other 10% is the pressed particle board composition. It is just a poorly thought out product.4. How can I cut laminate flooring?The Dremel Multi-Max is the tool for what you want to do. After you have one, you will find many other uses for it. I own one and it has stood up under heavy use. It's one of those tools that once you own one, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It does the same job as a Fein and a Rockwell, with the double advantage of being less costly and the blades are much more available. (Home Depot and Lowes)5. Any tips on cleaning laminate flooring?Never put ammonia on laminate flooring! Despite what many people think this could actually break down the laminate over time, so please ignore these answers if you want your laminate to last. I have written several blogs and laminate cleaning guides, and it is actually a very simple upkeep. There are some very good products on the market such as Shaw's R2x hard surface cleaner and Armstrong hardwood and laminate cleaning systems available just about anywhere. Below is the link to a friend of mines blog on the Armstrong cleaning system. To touch on ruining your floor with a light mist, no you will not ruin it, in fact i use a swiffer and let my laminate flooring air dry. This is coming from someone who eats, sleeps and breathes all types of flooring. It's my job, I hope this helps, good luck to you and yours!6. Can I use Tarkett laminate Flooring in my bathroom?can i use tarkett vinyl in bathroom7. Hardwood Floor or laminate flooring I have a boxer dog?hardwood floor defiantly8. do I need moisture barrier under a basic wood floor before installing Laminate Flooring?Can you do anything about that moisture ? It's not a good idea . A sheet of plastic under your laminate is highly recommended anyway9. Any ideas on how to install laminate flooring on steps when the stair nose isn't thick enough?If you do not want to trim the excess tread showing under the stair nose you can paint or stain the unfinished wood to match the laminate flooring OR cover the lip with a strip of laminate to butt up against the stair nose, you can notch a strip the full length of the stair to cover the unfinished wood. Check with the company you bought the laminate flooring from, they may have add'l trim pieces to fill in the area10. I need to remove a section of carpet in my living room to lay laminate flooring at the entrance, any advice?I did this exact same project a couple years ago. You will need a piece of tack strip cut to the width that you are cutting out of the carpet. Measure and cut the carpet along the edge where the laminate is going, I used a razor knife. Pull up and discard the carpet and lay your laminate flooring. To make the transition from the laminate to the carpet, I used a piece of threshold where one side butts up against the laminate and the other is notched along the length so that the carpet edge is under the threshold. Cut back the carpet edge so that it fits under the threshold, do not install the threshold yet. Now peel back the carpet 2 or 3 inches and nail down the tack strip. Pull the carpet as tightly as you can toward the laminate and push down onto the tack strip. Install the threshold piece to make the transition and screw it down, countersinking the screws. Cut dowels to fill the countersink screw holes and you are good to go
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