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How many people in DIGAH R&D department?1

The number of workers in the R&D department is 20% of the total in Guangzhou House Empery Co.,Ltd. R&D is different from most corporate actions because it does not mean generating immediate profits, but often resulting in greater risk and unclear return on investment. This is a suggestion for us. We spent years creating new products or services and enhancing existing products or services.

How many people in DIGAH R&D department?1 1

DIGAH prides ourselves in manufacturing the exquisite steel door which has gained much reputation in this market. The aluminium door series is one of the main products of DIGAH. The model of DIGAH steel doors for sale is designed using computer aided software such as CAD. This design approach allows our production team to complete the model in a few hours. The wonderful life begins with we. The product can help prevent damage during storage and transportation. It also prevents foreign object to get thru to the inner item. we: Improve your life quality.

The mission of our company is to provide high quality products at competitive prices. Contact!

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